India’s Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative Requires Concerted Effort among Littoral Countries

[Dr. Pankaj Jha] India’s Indo-pacific Oceans Initiative is a work in progress and requires concerted effort among littoral countries of the Indo-Pacific region.

Asian Quad: Synthesis between China’s OBOR and US-led Quad

[Dr. Pankaj Jha] The idea of an Asian Quad – comprising of Japan, India, Vietnam and Indonesia – would help to narrow the growing mistrust between China and the US, and would create an edifice acceptable to both. Hence, these two major powers need to subscribe to this idea of an Asian Quad.

Indonesia’s Inadequate Protections for Migrant Workers

[Muhammad Zulifikar Rakhmat] A month ago, on March 18, Saudi Arabian authorities beheaded Muhammad Zaini Misrin, a 53-year-old Indonesian driver despite pleas for clemency by President Joko Widodo. Zaini, who allegedly killed his employer in 2004, went to his death insisting he was not guilty. Migrant Care, an Indonesian organization focusing on the welfare of … Continue reading Indonesia’s Inadequate Protections for Migrant Workers