Fleeing from Persecution, Fleeing for Safety

[Bahauddin Foizee] Although Rohingyas found safety in Bangladesh, their lives have never been the same, courtesy to the experiences they had to go through in Myanmar and the challenges they continue to face in Bangladesh,

Iranian Regime’s Lost Moral Standing in Syria & Iraq

[Bahauddin Foizee]
Iran's IRGC had carried out the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Syria with the help from Assad’s army and Iran-backed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. In Iraq, the IRGC had carried out the campaign with the help of sectarian elements in Iraqi army, Iran-backed militias and Hezbollah.

Maiden UN Report on Human Rights Status in Kashmir Attracts Criticism from New Delhi

[Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra] Despite India’s long-standing concerns over the Kashmir issue, human rights are no more considered domestic concerns with the growing institutionalization of international human rights laws and norms and, therefore, the UN report falls squarely with the Pakistani attempt at internationalizing the issue. However, even after several Pakistani attempts in seeking international support on the Kashmir issue, the major powers of international politics have preferred to stay off the course.

Indonesia’s Inadequate Protections for Migrant Workers

[Muhammad Zulifikar Rakhmat] A month ago, on March 18, Saudi Arabian authorities beheaded Muhammad Zaini Misrin, a 53-year-old Indonesian driver despite pleas for clemency by President Joko Widodo. Zaini, who allegedly killed his employer in 2004, went to his death insisting he was not guilty. Migrant Care, an Indonesian organization focusing on the welfare of … Continue reading Indonesia’s Inadequate Protections for Migrant Workers