Provided you fulfill the following conditions, you can republish all our articles for free

When you republish, the following conditions apply:

1. You will publish the original article without editing the material.

[You may, however, rephrase the title/headline of the article without changing the spirit of the title/headline.]

2.a. You can put our articles on pages with advertisements.

2.b. You can also put our articles on pages with syndicated advertisements like Google Adsense, WordAds etc.

3. You cannot sell our articles.

4.a. [FOR ONLINE PUBLISHERS] You have to credit us by including this line at the end of the article, with a link back (hyperlink) to the original piece: “This article was originally published on Oped Column Syndication”.

4.b. [FOR PUBLISHERS HAVING BOTH PRINT & ONLINE VERSIONS] You have to credit us by including one of two following lines (within the inverted commas) at the end of the article: 

Copyright © Oped Column Syndication.


Source: Oped Column Syndication.

4.c. You have to credit the author with details (author bio) at the end of the article.

Bellow is sample of how it may look like:

sample -- source part


5.a. You have to credit the author of the article ideally in the byline.

5.b. We also REQUEST you to credit us (i.e. Oped Column Syndication) beside the name of the author in the byline, like this: (Author Name), Oped Column Syndication OR like this: (Author Name) | Oped Column Syndication

Sample Byline for Republishing | Oped Column Syndication

6. Finally, send us the link to the article which you have republished on your website. Please note that you have to do this (i.e. 6 no. condition) only once (i.e. the first time).