Fleeing from Persecution, Fleeing for Safety

[Bahauddin Foizee]
Although Rohingyas found safety in Bangladesh, their lives have never been the same, courtesy to the experiences they had to go through in Myanmar and the challenges they continue to face in Bangladesh,

U.S. Presidential Election: Biden Ahead

[John Bruton]
Joe Biden is doing better among women and the young than Hillary Clinton did, but losing ground among Catholic voters. It appears that policies matter more than the candidates’ own identity.

‘No-Deal Brexit’ Still Possible

[John Bruton]
Deal or No-Deal, the EU and the UK will gradually draw further apart, as will Ireland and Britain. Irish people will need to pay much more attention to politics in Paris, Berlin and Warsaw, and a little less to the English speaking world.

Brexit Issue in the EU Summit

[John Bruton]
Nobody wants a disruptive “No Deal”. But a poorly drafted, last minute, Agreement that, within a year, breaks down in a multitude of legal disputes would be no use.

BREXIT Heading for the Cliff Edge

[John Bruton]
The Conservative Party, which is driven by a narrative around re-establishing British identity and is quite insensitive to economic or trade arguments, wants Brexit done quickly because it fears the British people might change their minds. That is why there is such a mad rush. It is not rational. It is imperative!

European Union: Economy, Politics, Democracy, COVID-19

[John Bruton]
If the EU is to survive as a political project, it needs  to create a European democratic constituency that complements the democratic constituencies to which national leaders appeal. The EU needs a political heart to sustain its economic body.


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