Oped Column Syndication offers the publishers quality articles from its basket and makes it hassle-free for publishers to find opinion pieces.


Offering publishers OpEd Articles

Oped Column Syndication offers publishers numerous articles from its basket. Accordingly, publishers of various sorts (e.g. think-tanks, newspapers, online media-outlets, etc.) take opinion pieces from Oped Column Syndication and publish those in their publications/media-outlets.

How to avail the syndication services

Although  Oped Column Syndication allows other media-outlets/publications to publish (or use) its Oped Articles, it strictly prohibits use/publishing of its articles without fulfilling the certain conditions mentioned in the Republish page (click here to visit the page).

Who are the authors

Publishing the world’s established thought-leaders is Oped Column Syndication‘s principal feature.

Giving voice to the emerging thought-leaders as well as unheard individuals who wish to be heard is the syndication service’s unique feature.

A virtual bridge

Connecting the publishers with the thought-leaders as well as facilitating each single article of the thought-leaders to get published in numerous newspapers and other media-outlets — gives the Oped Column Syndication team immense pleasure, as by doing this, the team acts as a virtual bridge between publishers & thought-leaders.

A global outlet

The opinion pieces that Oped Column Syndication publishes are written by authors from across the globe. The syndication service covers all the regions of the world and cover diverse topics.

Why do authors prefer to publish with Oped Column Syndication?

Publishing with Oped Column Syndication help the leading and emerging thought-leaders to share their thoughts with a larger audience.

This is because, Oped Column Syndication not only publishes the write-ups of the thought-leaders — whether seasoned authors or prospective writers — in its syndication-service website, but also allows other publishers to publish these write-ups in their print/online newspapers, magazines, journals, publishing-websites and various other publications.

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