Europe Ignores Correlation between Economic Growth and Birth Deficit

[Fotini Mastroianni] While there is massive immigration from other countries, many European countries' domestic productive population that would help local economic growth is pushed to immigration -- a policy that is bizarre and does not help economic growth.

Is Neo-liberal Economic Model a Failure?

[Fotini Mastroianni] Neo-liberal economic model is being represented as more glorified in many countries across the world, though the model is proven to be a complete failure in the first country of its full implementation i.e. the United States. Yet this model of complete misery is applied across the world, including Greece.

Problems with Open Space Workplaces

[Fotini Mastroianni] For the high-performance employees who need quietness to concentrate on their works, the open spaces with the bustle created by other employees are an inappropriate environment. For the employees who tend to need their own space, the continued presence of others 'above their heads' may be a martyrdom.