The Rise of the Middle in the Era of “Hybrid” Politics

[Daniel Wagner] Not so long ago, voting age Americans were either Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, and a climate change denier or a bunny hugger. It was deemed safe to stake out a position at one end of the political spectrum or the other, under the assumption that most people were not “lost” somewhere … Continue reading The Rise of the Middle in the Era of “Hybrid” Politics

Achieving Global Risk Agility

[Daniel Wagner] A tornado does not plan in advance where and when it will strike. A cyber or terrorist attack, by contrast, is not a random event. While large organizations can often shield themselves from the financial consequences of many risks, the ensuing reputational harm can irrecoverably erode market share and stakeholder trust. Small to … Continue reading Achieving Global Risk Agility

Had Enough of Our Broken Political System?

[Daniel Wagner] If you are like me, you have had enough of just about everything that America’s current political system represents, such as institutionalized and legalized corruption, nepotism, and ‘career’ politicians. Both the Democrats and Republicans are guilty of perpetuating a terribly broken system, and neither of them appear to be interested in changing the … Continue reading Had Enough of Our Broken Political System?

Don’t Count on History to Predict the Future

[Daniel Wagner] Pollsters, stock pickers, and political prognosticators have been spectacularly wrong in their predictions in the recent past—so frequently that doing so has become the norm. Their overreliance on historical performance to attempt to predict the future has often proven to be fallacious. Twenty years ago they might have been justified in presuming that … Continue reading Don’t Count on History to Predict the Future

China Cannot Have it Both Ways

[Daniel Wagner] At last year’s opening ceremony of the Chinese Communist Party’s Nineteenth Congress, President Xi Jinping proclaimed his belief that China was on the precipice of becoming a great global power. He declared that China was no longer a poor country. Indeed, having lifted the vast majority of its citizens out of poverty, China … Continue reading China Cannot Have it Both Ways